On an auspicious day in March 2011, this educational institution was functioned by Mr. Keshaba Chandra Mahanta with an air to provide better education facilities for the children. At the germination, stage in 2011 in the school with 31 no’s of students 5 no’s of teachers and 2 no’s of non-teaching staffs. Now the school has grown up with new branches of foliage with new buds awaiting for blossoming with charming colour and sweet fragrance. Recently the student strength of school is 420 with 21 teaching and 6 no’s of non-teaching staffs supporting with its own land and building.

          Our main objective is to provide education which is strictly based on CBSE pattern. Educating pattern,learning pattern and examination pattern will be strictly based on CBSE.Our second objective is to provide students of CEMS a new era with modern educating facilities. Our mission is to pursue excellence and said the pace in the field of school educating them by providing inclusive hearing experience of different scholastic as well as scholastic subjects and evaluating them formative and summative assessments. We would really cater to the educational needs of each child.